A look inside of the 2017 festival by our bloggers, Matt Fagerholm, Sam Fragoso and more.
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Ebert Fellows at Ebertfest, by Chaz Ebert

Eberfest Preview, by Chaz Ebert

Ebertfest Day 1, by Matt Fagerholm

Ebertfest Day 2, by Matt Fagerholm

Ebertfest Day 3, by Peter Sobczynski

Ebertfest Day 4, by Sam Fragoso

Ebertfest Day 5, by Matt Fagerholm


Festival Reflections: Long Term Sponsor and Volunteer Todd Salen remembers his favorite moments of Ebertfest

April 15, 2018
    Ebertfest is celebrating its 20th Anniversary and its dedication to Roger Ebert and his legacy. The festival has now shown over two hundred films, hosted over four hundred guests and trained hundreds of volunteers. Some of these volunteers have been around since before the start of the festival... Read More
20th Annual Roget Ebert's Film Festival

20th Anniversary Sneak Preview of Ebertfest

March 15, 2018
This April, hundreds of film-lovers will flock to the hidden gem of Champaign, Illinois to join filmmakers, critics, actors, producers and directors to celebrate films that did not get the recognition they deserved during their original runs. But this year marks a special year for the beloved ‘... Read More