Jimmy & Donnie Demers

Singer & Pianist

Sometimes an act comes along that you simply cannot describe: a sound that’s so fresh that it doesn’t fit into particular style or genre heard in recent memory. That sound is from Jimmy and Donnie Demers, two brothers from Worcester, Massachusetts, who decided to put a dream in their pockets and move to Hollywood to pursue a career in music.

Their sweet and harmonious offerings summon an era long since forgotten, one that believed in sensible lyrics and unforgettable melodies—inspiring, yet unexplainable. Jimmy and Donnie Demers are that combination.

What the Demers brothers can create at a piano alone is, for most, a memorable experience not soon forgotten. Combining their individual gifts, Jimmy (with his breathtaking vocals) and Donnie (with his remarkable songwriting talents) are miraculously able to transcend the listener to another place and time.

Here’s the backstory. He never had a piano lesson, but growing up in Massachusetts, Donnie Demers somehow mastered the art of caressing the keys that few ever match. As Donnie was born with muscular dystrophy, his mom once said, “You were given lemons—now make lemonade!” That advice became the cornerstone of his forward motion and constant belief that there was a greater plan in store for him. Since those early days, Donnie’s writing talent has captivated audiences, and his songs have appeared in numerous television shows and movies, as well as hit the top ranks of iTunes musical charts worldwide.

As for Donnie’s younger brother Jimmy, he’s been heard around the globe as the voice of the “Always Coca-Cola” ad campaign. He’s also backed numerous artists in the recording studio, including Cher, Garth Brooks, Paula Abdul and Patti LaBelle. Jimmy’s 2008 debut album, “Dream a Little,” was released on Concord Records to critical acclaim. He’s performed the national anthem for the U.S. Open and Los Angeles Dodgers, among others, but it’s always been Jimmy’s extraordinary rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that’s compelled many people to claim it as “the greatest version of the song, second only to Judy Garland’s.” Paula Abdul once declared, “Jimmy is the greatest singer in the world,” and, for many, there is no doubt as to why.

The Demers brothers continue to push inspirational boundaries, lending their gifts to causes near and dear to them. Whether it’s writing the theme songs for The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon and the Special Olympics World Winter Games or performing for dozens of nonprofit organizations that have asked for their help, it remains their greatest reward to know that they’ve actually made a difference.

Former President Bill Clinton recently called them “amazing,” and as you’ll witness, the light seems to shine brightest when these two brothers share a stage and a song, ultimately becoming a memorable moment in time.