Located within hours of three major metropolitan cities (Chicago, Indianapolis, and St. Louis), Champaign, Illinois is a hidden gem. 

While Champaign is often hailed as home of the University of Illinois, this welcoming city has much more to offer. The Champaign scene is vibrant, known for a lively downtown area which features award winning restaurants and historic venues. Visitors and residents alike can expect to find a great meal, a fun festival, or simply go exploring the scenic streets of Champaign. There are many other qualities that make the city and surrounding areas unique including agriculture, sporting events, and a thriving technology ecosystem.

The city of Champaign is a tightknit and diverse community that is committed to a lifetime of growing and learning. By upholding these values, Champaign has become a premiere location to work, live, and relax. Learn more by visiting: www.experiencecu.org

Photo by Bob Saska