The Virginia Theatre has ADA-compliant seating. Transfer seating and wheelchair accessible seating is available on the auditorium main floor. Up to 18 wheelchairs can be accommodated with an additional companion seat available per wheel chair.

Other features include a wheelchair lift for guests accessing the stage from the auditorium’s main floor, a LULA (Limited Use Limited Access) elevator allowing access from the stage to the downstairs dressing rooms, and an elevator providing access to the building’s upstairs lobby.

Assisted listening devices such as a single earpiece buds, ear speakers, or neck loops are also available to complement films, spoken word events and/or some live performances. Devices may be obtained at the box office before the show. A driver’s license, credit card or other form of ID is required in order to rent one or more of these devices.

For specific questions or accommodations, please contact the Virginia Theatre box office at (217)-356-9063.