Cœur fidèle (The Faithful Heart)

Alloy Orchestra

Coeur Fidele (Faithful Heart) is an astounding, gorgeous and dramatic depiction of the underworld of the ports of Marseilles, France. Set in thein the early 1900’s The film is a tale of love, violence and finally, resignation. Shot in a groundbreaking fashion, it utilizes graphic close-ups to tell the larger tale.

As the San Francisco Silent Film Festival says: “Director René Clair said that Jean Epstein’s beautiful COUER FIDÈLE was “joy for intelligent’ eyes”. In the 1920s Epstein was a major force in cinema, pushing the art forward with his breathtaking compositions, his visual poetry. SFSFF is thrilled to present a shimmering restoration of this seminal French Impressionist masterpiece with an exciting new accompaniment by Alloy Orchestra. Music composed for intelligent ears!”