Isaiah Robinson


Isaiah Robinson, tenor, is a multi-talented musician who was born in Chicago into a musical family. As an actor he was featured in Steven Spielberg’s 1991 film Hook, playing the role of Pockets. He has also appeared in several radio and television commercials as a child.

As a vocalist he was primarily trained singing in church by his parents and his siblings which lead to his performing on several jingles and voiceovers for various products and companies. He has performed among others with the Barrett sisters, Aretha Franklin, Ted Hearne, René Marie, the Brown sisters, Twinkie Clark Terrell, Mavis Staples, Chaka Khan, Yo-Yo Ma, Chance the Rapper, Angela Davis, Jeff Morrow, Dennis DeYoung, and Queen Latifah.

Robinson is currently a teaching artist for the Lookingglass Theatre Company, City of Chicago After School Matters Program, Urban Gateways, and private students in the Chicago area. He also performs with the Stu Hirsh Orchestra, Silent Theatre Company, as well as various other aggregations. He, was the featured vocalist at the inauguration of Rahm Emanuel as mayor of Chicago. Also he performs with- and facilitates workshops for the Chicago Children’s Choir, and is on staff as a musician/organist and choirmaster at the Life Center C.O.G.I.C. in Chicago, where he has served for more than 21 years.